All Good Scents SCENTBOX Review !!!!!!!!!!!

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Today I will be reviewing a premium Perfume range by All GOOD SCENTS ! All Good Scents is a new, stylish and contemporary perfume brand launched in India. The fragrances are created and made in France. The brand has 14 premium quality fragrances for Him & Her at pocket friendly prices.


All Good Scents Claims: Much like musical notes make up a song fragrance notes are necessary to make a perfume. Overall, there are three note scales that when blended together create the perfume’s fragrant accord. All Good Scents has based its LOGO on this pertinent allegory of the perfume world- The Perfume Pyramid.

For those who are not aware of these notes,read on:-

Top Notes: (Within 5 minutes) The initial whiff, the first few seconds of the perfume. The top notes of a fragrance are generally the lightest of all the notes. They are recognized immediately upon application of the perfume. Common fragrance top notes include citrus (lemon, orange zest, bergamot), light fruits (grapefruit, berries) and herbs (clary sage, lavender).

Heart Notes: (6 to 8 hours) The heart notes, make an appearance once the top notes evaporate. A perfume’s heart is often a smooth combination of floral or fruit tones. Common fragrance heart notes include geranium, rose, lemongrass, ylang ylang, lavender, neroli and jasmine.

Base Notes: (8+ hours) The base notes are the final fragrance notes that appear once the top & heart notes have evaporated. These often, rich notes linger on the skin for hours after the heart notes have dissipated. Common fragrance base notes include cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, patchouli, oak moss and musk.


We usually consider perfumes to be extremely expensive and quite an investment but this is one brand that has absolutely changed my opinion on it. Good perfumes need not cost the world and today I shall be reviewing All Good Scents Premium Perfumes. And the best part of ALL GOOD SCENTS is that you can order a SCENTBOX.

SCENTBOX is a box of perfume in which you get 3 perfume testers of your choice. So you can try them before buying a full size bottle. It makes one easy to choose their personalized scent in terms of the smell you usually like. These trial perfumes easily fit in to your denims and clutches – easy to go around!  I wish more companies comes out which such great initiative and gives their customer the freedom to choose what they like and want 🙂

So here is my ScentBox. It came in nice brown box packing.


Inside the box you will get one All Good Scents Booklet and The Scentbox. The booklet contains all the information about the varieties of Perfumes they have for him & her both.


So, here is my SCENTBOX. It contains three perfume testers which i ordered of my choice. All Good Scents gives free shipping in India. You can get three tester samples delivered at home to try for Rs.55 per tester. Quite affordable i guess. What else you want?  If I am not wrong then this is the first fragrance website in India.


Perfumes I Got In My ScentBox

  • Alive (for him)
  • Urbane Nights (for him)
  • Flirty (for her)

All Good Scents “Alive” EDT Essential for Him Alive is from the men range of perfume. It gives a punch of citrusy lemon when sprayed initially and after a while he gets a mix of white musk, lemon & cedar. The fragrance is very much like a what a men would prefer. It is strong and two sprays are enough to get him through the day. Men really don’t  prefer re-applying the fragrance during the course of day and Alive is perfect for everyday man.


Top Notes- Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon

Heart Notes- Clary Sage, Cedar, Rosewood

Base Notes- Oak Moss, White Musk, Tonka Beans

This tester comes in 2ml spray bottle. You can get Alive 50 ml bottle for Rs 750.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

All Good Scents “Urbane Nights” EDT For Men Make your presence felt long after you’ve left a room, with this stylish, sensual and rich fragrance. With a scent so exotic and long lasting, you can dance with the stars, till the sun comes out. Urbane Nights- for you to enjoy; and be enjoyed!



Top Notes – Peppermint, Mandarin, Grapefruit
Heart Notes – Cinnamon, Rose Absolute, Spices
Base Notes – Patchouli, Amber, Blond Leather

It lasts for a long time and smells woody and sensual. The noticeable  notes were of peppermint, spices, rose absolute, amber. Its an absolute  delight to wear. It is amazing for parties, events, nightouts. Lasting 6-8 hours. You can get 50 ml bottle for Rs 990.

My Ratings: 5/5

All Good Scents “Flirty” EDT for her “Flamboyant and coy, an unusual mixture with a panache of black current and softness of white roses & lilies. Girly and naughty. Persuasive and yet playful. For the one who is at once fresh & innocent, elegant & graceful but also provocative and flirty.”

 Flirty is a floral and sweet fragrance, apt for daytime and spring/summer. It can be worn easily to college/work or even when you are out meeting friends or running some errands. Also, Flirty will work well on most age groups. The perfume is quite feminine and very easy to wear, provided you like floral fragrances.



Top Notes – Lily Of The Valley, Bergamot, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes – Rose, Gardenia, Orange Blossoms
Base Notes – Heliotrope, Vanilla, Iris
Flirty starts fading after about 5-6 hours (which is a good lasting time) and becomes mild thereafter. When I smell Flirty it reminds me of various moods like fun, sweet and a little naughty. As soon as I spray it, the warmth of vanilla and sweetness of lilies hits me. Overall i really liked it, I just loved it. Fragrance is light and not over powering. No matter if you are 8 or 80 this is one of those perfumes that ladies (and some gents) will adore a lot. You can get 50 ml bottle for Rs 750.
My ratings: 5/5
All Good Scents is a must check brand for perfumes with a decent price tag and unique scents. It has many variants of perfumes for both men & women. Though not very strong to the senses, the staying power of these variants are fantastic!
In that case, All Good Scents is a winner! The lasting power is something great for the bucks you shell out.
Overall, I am really satisfied with the fragrance and longevity of the Essential range for Perfumes. These make a perfect daily wear perfume and I suggest it to all EDT lovers!
So Please do try this ScentBox. It is really very affordable and easy to carry. Hope you all liked my blog post!!!
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