Welcome aboard, Everyone!!

Thanks for caring enough to visit this page because let’s be honest, bio’s are boring. I’ll keep it concise.

This is ThatFashionableGirl. A blog that brings you mostly style posts with a little bit of beauty, home and personal stuff thrown in. I keep it light and fun because that is what a LifeSTYLE blog should be, right?


A little about me: I am Sandeep kaur from India. An MBA by qualification. A Beauty and Fashion blogger by heart. I blog on my days off and whenever I have free time. I have always been obsessed with beauty, fashion, makeup and anything pretty really and I decided it was time that I shared my passion with the rest of the world. There is nothing as satisfying as writing about things you really love and finding out that a lot of people out there actually relate to them.

Other than beauty, I love to explore new places and want to travel whole world..:)  I am a dreamer. You are never too old to believe in fairy tales.

I have sensitive, combination skin, straight hair, height 5’4 ( I wish I was 5’7 but whatever).

My style: I LOVE fashion but I am not a fashion-victim. I follow trends loosely and try to update my wardrobe to match them. I love heels, but prefer flats on normal working days. I am in LOVE with SHOES and HANDBAGS, ( I wish I can have each and every piece in this world:) :P) I love playing with makeup… I always have. But, when I get out of my house, I prefer to keep my look simple with a kohl and a lip gloss. A look I swear by for any occasion – Red lips and black cat eyes, you can never go wrong with it.

Random Facts About me:

  • I love horror movies (But the next very moment I m scared)😛
  • English is not my First language.
  • I can not live without coffee and Chocolate.
  • My other hobbies and interest are travelling, listening to music, photography, learning and experiencing, shopping, always ready for hang outs.
  • I love everything in Black, Red and Pink……… in my wardrobe.
  • I can’t breathe in dark.
  • I can’t pick one song to be my favourite – I have lots.
  • I am a Cancerian, which definitely shows.
  • I love winters.
  •  When meeting new people I am a little shy, people often think I am quiet and reserved at first, but they are actually very wrong!!
  • New York City is at the very top of my travel wishlist. One day I will get there!
  • I love my bed and never want to get out of it in the mornings.
  • I cant think of leaving home without Kohl.
  • I believe in ” Happy Girls Are the Prettiest “
  • For me FASHION is about something that comes from within YOU.

So that was all about me!! Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I Love hearing from my Readers! So don’t feel shy and say hi at sandy@thatfashionablegirl.com

( P.S.: If you have any questions about what I post, or anything besides that, feel free to ask.)