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As you all know wedding season has started, many of you must have visited number of weddings and many of you must be ready to become a beautiful bride. Every year new trends come, and we all want to stay updated with that. It takes a lot of effort and planning to make sure your wedding attire is perfect. A large part of your wedding organization is the planning of each outfit, the makeup, and the accessories. This also includes the old Indian tradition of mehndi, without it every wedding and and the attire of a bride is incomplete.


Here are 10 new and innovative mehndi styles for you to rock on your wedding day!!!!!!!

Yin/Yang:  This style is one of the unique bridal mehndi designs because of its use of space. What you’re meant to do is make one thin line a little off the middle of your palm. Then, on both sides of the line draw small flowers of any kind, preferably lotuses. Make smaller flowers on the smaller side and larger flowers on the larger side.

After this, colour the smaller flowers on the smaller side in entirely. On the larger side colour the spaces outside the flowers completely.

Diagonal Waterfall: For this style, you can take any design you like, preferable a floral one full of different types of flowers and vines. Then, make 2 very thin outlines across your palm diagonally. Make sure there’s a large gap between the two. Now, make the pattern inside the gap. There you go, one of the most innovative henna mehndi designs for hands!

Geometric Styles:  This geometric style uses Arabic mehndi design. The basic idea is to use lots of triangles, rectangles, and squares with intricate patterns inside them. Make one of these shapes on your palm, and leave it empty. Make all the patterns outside this shape.

Elbow Length Henna: This type of mehndi is a common Rajasthani mehndi design. This design involves making a very thick intricate design all the way up to one’s elbow.

Along with amazing traditional mehndi designs, you definitely need dark mehndi tips for a deep maroon colour henna on the day of your wedding!

Bangle Mehndi: This design involves making a design around one’s wrist almost as if the mehndi design were a bangle. Apply some Olay moisturizing cream before applying the mehndi to ensure that your wrists are hydrated and absorb the mehndi well!

Peacock Mehndi: This type of mehndi design involves drawing a large mehndi that starts at the palm and goes all the way to one’s wrists. The basic idea with this kind of mehndi is to ensure that a lot of space is covered by the peacock. The peacock is then filled with ornate, royal looking patterns, like checks and twirls.

See-through Curtain Design: In this design, you need to use up all the space on your palms. However, it need to be filled with intricate repetitive designs flowing down your hand to give the illusion of a see-through curtain.

Marwari Floral: This type of floral design is particular to Marwari mehndi designs. The design usually involves making a few large flowers on your palms and your wrists, connecting them with thin lines. Then, the flowers are filled with small patterns.


Monument Design: This design is a newer type of design. It involves outlining a large, royal looking monument onto one’s palm and then filling it with lots of patterns.

Leaves: This design involves making different lines of vines with different types of leaves all over ones palms and maybe up to their wrists. This gives a nice delicate look.

And there you go! 10 innovative mehndi designs for your special day!

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