Make A Statement With These 5 Middle Parting Hairstyles……….

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Hope you all are doing well….! Today’s blog post is all about hairstyles which you can do easily in your daily hush-hush routine.

All you wonderful ladies of the 70s and the 80s – remember trotting to school with the cute middle part double plaits or ponytails? Yup, it soon went on to the back-burner as an extremely unflattering and simply not fashionable style. But lately the centre parting has come into focus, with celebrities and models rocking the look.



This signature style of the 70s is back with a vengeance with new perspective and twists that have made it look super cool! Once considered severe, the middle parting hairstyle with its softer and sexier, symmetrical vibe is currently making everyone go bonkers!

If you are looking to just get a new look without making any changes to your hair, perhaps we could interest you in some of these centre parting hairstyles……


Just Casual

A slightly off-centre parting keeps the hairstyle from getting too severe.

Creating the Look:

# Work with dry hair.

# Spray the ends with the heat resistant spray.

# Take a 1-inch curling iron and wrap large section of hair around it. 

Gigi Hadid, (wearing DVF)

# After the hair cools, gently separate the curls.

# Make  a centre parting and get ready to head out for a fun evening with the girls.

You can try this hairstyle whether you have straight or curly hair, and for all face shapes except long.


Zig and Zag Centre

Turn a regular centre part into a fun, zig-zag look.

Creating the look:

# Make the centre part.

# Carefully take narrow sections from one side of the part and gently flip on the other side.


# Do this 2-3 times on each side.

# Mist your hair with a hold hairspray.

This look can be carried off by all types of hair. It looks especially cute on short middle part hairstyles.


Half Up Half Down

Look classy with this ready-to-go-out-and-party look.

Creating the look:

# Work with dry hair and make a centre part.

# Backcomb the crown and pull hair from the sides behind.

# Secure the two sides with a clip or clear elastic.


# Curl the remaining hair with a curling wand.

# After the hair cools, set it with a hairspray.

This is a very accommodating look, and can be carried off by all faces and all types of hair.


It’s a Fun Life

This is a soft, romantic look, ideal for a day out at the picnic. This style also works as a center part bob hairstyle for a casual, trendy look.

Creating the look:

# Begin with damp hair washed with Head & Shoulders.

# Apply a volumising mousse and texturising spray.



# Use a curling wand to gently give shape to the middle section and tips.

# Set the style with hairspray.

 The style can be carried off by all face shapes.


The Classic and the Modern

Long, thick hair parted down the centre, hanging off your back. Now that’s incredible, isn’t it?

Creating the look:

# Start with washed hair, preferably washed with Head & Shoulders.

# Apply a blow drying gel.

# Dry your hair using just a paddle brush.


# Curl sections of your hair from the middle and ends with a large curling iron.

# After the hair cools, gently separate the waves.

# Set the hair with a hold spray.

You can wear this look for any kind of hair and any kind of face shape. Also, monsoon is the time every girl looks for a change in her hair, as it tends to get greasy, frizzy and dull during this season.

So, if you are looking for a new look but don’t wish to change your hair, just try the centre parting for a whole new look. Also, you can check out these 10 essential tips for hair care in monsoon for good hair day all year long!


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