Commercial Street Shopping Haul Review!!!!!!!!!!

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Every Girl’s first love is shopping, and its mine too…. 😉 Today’s blog is all about budget street shopping. The cost of living in Bangalore is crazy. In such a case, do you think a girl would cut down on her shopping? The answer is a big NO!

No matter what the latest styles come from the runway into the branded stores, there is a certain joy in street shopping. I think every girl would agree with this? Of-course ! One of the most happening street shopping destination in Bangalore is Commercial Street. Whether you are just browsing for inspiration or looking for a fabulous dress for less, you will find everything at commercial street. It’s a shopping paradise for every girl in Bangalore.

Shopping at Commercial Street can also be tricky and, frankly, overwhelming. So I decided to take you guys on a tour with me on the blog and show the market to those of you who have not explored commercial street till now. I’m sharing the GPS locations of some great shops in this post from where i do buy very often. Use it well Girls !!!!!!!!!

Some Golden Rules To Keep In Mind

Best Time :  In general, the earlier you arrive, the greater the selection. Mornings are good to browse at a slower pace too.

Carry Cash :  Most shops do not accept credit cards so make sure that you have enough cash before you start shopping. Remember to carry change.

Bargain : We Girls are very good in doing Bargaining. Try bargaining every time you shop; you may get a great price reduction and enjoy the fun and pleasure of shopping.  If they quote the price as  Rs.150, start at Rs.50. Simple!!!!!

Check Defects : Watch out for any holes or tears or missing stones or studs. Check for defects, they will be happy to look for another piece of the same kind. In most cases, they even give you a discount if you don’t mind buying a dress with a missing stud.

Good Company : Go with your friend who enjoy’s doing shopping as much you do and has lot of patience, as street shopping needs lots of patience. So just chill out.


                                                  Must Visit Shops

Shop Name : Naughtee

Location : No. 3, Citi Hanel, Commercial Street, Tasker Town, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

This is one of the shop which i do visit every-time i go Commercial street. You name it and you can get anything here. You can snag everything and anything for Rs.300. There couldn’t be a cheaper way to bulk buy  outfits. Every piece of clothing priced between  Rs. 300-450.


This store stocks a lot of tops, skirts, dresses which are either brand rejects or export surplus. The mantra to shop here is to have patience, you need to spend crazy amount of time going through each item in order to find your steal. And the best thing is that you need not to worry about fittings or size, the shopkeepers volunteer to get the clothes altered as per your size and shape.  One feature you might adore about these places , they usually have an in house tailor who will give you the perfect fit within minutes.


Fashion Accessories : Various small shops

Location : You can find it at every lane by yourself.

Fashion accessories are among the popular buys here. If you go commercial street its a must buy. There are number of small shops where you can buy everything, including earrings, rings, necklaces, belts, sunglasses & even belly rings starting from as low as Rs.50



Sometimes you don’t want to pay a high price for jewelry or various accessories. So this is your place for guilt-free indulgence. And here you can get all the latest trends and fashion in jewelry. You need to show your bargaining skills in such shops…. 😛


Shop Name : Jean Joint

Location : 30, Maruthi Complex, Commercial Street, Tasker Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


This is one of store where i often go to buy jeans. Skinny, straight, boot cut or even printed, acid-washed or colored, if you desire a pair of denims that is flattering to your body type {petite, regular and plus sizes}, here you will get everything. There is no color of denim jeans that you won’t find there. It’s like the House of Jean. Price range starts from Rs 600.  It’s cheap enough!!!!!


Shop Name: The Qurio City Antiques Shop

Location : #101, Kamaraj Road, Commercial Street, Tasker Town ,Bangalore  – 560042

On the wide lanes of commercial street, this store will certainly catch your attention. This little store offers one of kind  vintage brass pieces that you wouldn’t think twice before buying. Here you can get everything to decorate your home. You can get all sort of antique wall clock, Vintage mirrors and many other things. The price range starts from Rs 300 and goes upto Rs 15000. You just need an experienced eye and some wheeling and dealing.


Shop Name :  Sri Suryanarayan Art Jewellers

Location : No.28, Commercial Street, Bangalore – 560001

If you are looking for a silver lining in your jewelry box, this is the place. This shop has a great selection of mainly sterling silver pieces like rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Their collection is very ethnic yet contemporary .


The store is very small so you need to make special effort to not miss it. Though I feel the prices are a little towards the higher side, but it’s totally worth it for the unique designs that they have. The price range starts from Rs 200 and goes upto Rs 45000. It’s a must buy store if you are silver jewelry lover.


Shop Name : Shirdi Footwear

Location : 8, Commercial street, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore – 560001

This is one of the shop where you can get great Kolhapuri chappals. The traditional Kolhapuri chappals are costlier than the ones with modern designs. Their are variety of Kolhapuri chappals in endless designs.


The quality of the chappals found on Commercial Street  is not all that great but they will last you for a couple of months easily. These chappals are great to team up with ethnic dress. The price range varies from Rs 200 to Rs 500.


Shop Name : Fashionista Bag Boutique

Location : Shop no. 10, Diamond plaza, Ebrahim Saheb Street, Paralle to commercial street, Bengaluru – 560001

This is one of my favorite destination for buying handbags. You can get all the latest fashion and trendy bags here at a cheaper price. The shop person is also very nice, he bargains very easily. But according to the price the quality of bags is very good.


You just name it and they have all the latest trends for college going girls to office going girls. They have a huge variety of sling bags, Boho bags , handbags and bagpacks. Bag packs are the new totes this season. Replace your over sized totes with a cool backpack and Voila you are updated this season. The price range starts from Rs 300 to Rs 900.

So Girls these were the Few stores from where i buy often and these are the must visit shops for shopping. You can find more such shops in every lane, you just need to explore, explore and explore………. 🙂 And yeah Bargain too………

Now that you know about these places what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore this wonderful street. There are many exciting and yummy food joints also. Take a day off and just explore the market. I am sure you will love shopping there. Do let me know how your shopping experience was, by commenting below.

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Stay Happy & Stay Beautiful 🙂

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