DIY: How To Make Leggings Into A Crop Top!!!!!!

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Today I will tell you the DIY method for making your own crop top. We all Have so many leggings, the one’s whom we don’t want to wear anymore or the leggings which don’t fit us anymore. Sometimes its our favorite leggings and we don’t like it giving it to anyone, so there is a solution of reusing your leggings in a different and new way. Today i will be telling you how to convert your favorite leggings into a crop top. So, Girls Wait before you decide to throw those leggings away!

So instead of spending money on purchasing brand new crop tops— grab those leggings and a pair of scissors and start cutting!

STEP 1: Fold your leggings in half, Make sure the seams are lined up.


STEP 2: Then mark a semi circle along the pointy crotch part.


STEP 3: Take a scissor and cut a semi circle. And yes now you are ready to wear your new crop top.

Its so so easy girls, You just need leggings, scissors and one cut and you are ready to flaunt your new crop top. The semi circle cutting along the crotch part is your neck and the legs of the leggings will be your sleeves. Its just so easy girls. Just 3 steps and your are ready to go without spending any penny on it.

So, Girls what you think about it? Are you ready to try a new DIY ?  Do try and let me know how it worked for you by commenting below. Hope you will love this DIY crop top.

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  1. Wow! I really appreciate your talent and it looks so amazing. I would also want to get creative and make some personalized tops. Thanks for the idea.

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