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Monthly subscription boxes have recently becoming very popular in India. Multiple entrepreneurs and new brands have come up with different types of subscription boxes. Its a very innovative and simple concept where you pay a certain amount and get a box full of surprise goodies and beauty products from various brands delivered at your doorstep every month. Also the total cost of the products that you receive in these boxes will be more than what you pay for. Some of these subscription services even ask you to fill out a questionnaire and customize your box based on that. So instead of just ordering beauty products online in the traditional way, this is a more fun way to try new brands and products.

You can subscribe for a chosen time period say for example 3 months, 6 months etc and you receive a few goodies in a fancy packaging every month at your doorsteps. The real fun is that the products that you receive in the box are not revealed until you receive it. These subscription boxes generally have a theme like Beauty Subscription Box, lifestyle box, kids box, jewelry box, period box, etc. So today we will be talking about Best Beauty Subscription Boxes available in India.


The Violet Box

This is a new startup in subscription industry. The violet box offers subscription services for women during their periods. The box has samples of luxury and vegan cosmetics, gourmet chocolates, fine teas, coffee & period essentials. Samples change each month. For each box sold, they donate sanitary essentials to those in need through NGOs: Swadhar & WRH.


 The Violet is a box of chocolates, fine teas, beauty products & period essentials to offer you a little pampering and love during period time with lot of mood swings. The boxes are available in two options : Period box and The Violet Box Рa box of just indulgences.

The Violet Box – Just Indulgences
Exquisite Tea, Coffee, Chocolates and cosmetics
Rs. 799/- per month

The Period Box РAll above indulgences and your choice of period essentials
Rs. 899/- per month

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

Fab Bag

Fab Bag is undoubtedly the best beauty subscription box available in India at the moment. It is the most popular and affordable beauty subscription service in India. Fab Bag has a mix of 3-4 premium makeup and beauty products. Every month, they have a different theme and the products are packed in an monthly theme based bag which is very useful to store your makeup and stuff. At times they even send a few full size products. Fab Bag is a great beauty service for ladies who like to explore new brands and makeup. You will also get coupons which you can use to purchase the full-sized products of the month at discounted prices. When you sign up for a Fab Bag, you need to fill a beauty profile and the bag is customized based on your preferences.

 Price in India: Rs.699 for 1 month, Rs.1599 for 3 months, Rs.2999 for 6 months and Rs.4999 for 1 year.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

My Envy Box

My Envy Box is a luxury beauty sampling service offering you a chance to try 4-5 deluxe sized samples from top international luxury brands. Luxury brands are expensive and this offers the convenience of trying them to see whether it actually works for you before going for the full-sized version. In previous boxes some of the luxury brands were L’Occitane, Estee Lauder, Kerastase, Givenchy, Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, etc.

 Price in India: Rs.850 for 1 month, Rs.2250 for 3 months, Rs.4350 for 6 months and Rs.8500 for 1 year.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link


MSM¬† box is also a beauty subscription service started a few years back in India. They send some thoughtfully selected products of which you get a few full sized products too. MSM box also offers different box options ranging in different price category and with different number of products included. It also provides a men box for all their grooming needs and subscription boxes available in India.¬†Also, they have a variety of boxes to choose at different price ranges ‚Äď MSM Express Box, MSM Select Box and even a Men‚Äôs Box.

Price in India: Rs.495 for Express Box, Rs.995 for Select Box, Rs.1995 for Diva Box and Rs.1495 for Men’s Box.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box

The nature’s co beauty wish box is a subscription service started by the brand itself. It offers you 5 deluxe and 1 full size products with a different theme each month. The nature’s co is a natural brand which is environmental friendly. So if you want to try their different products than this is a good option for you. 

Price in India: Rs.595 for 1 month, Rs.1645 for 3 months, Rs.3215 for 6 months and Rs.5950 for 1 year.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

Gia Bath & Body Box

People who love natural, handcrafted, vegan luxury products should give this a try. It is a home brand and all their products are preservative free. What’s special about their subscription service is that as a subscriber the products that you receive are exclusive to the box, that is, new limited edition products which are not available for purchase otherwise. As a member, you will also get access to discounted full sized products. 

Price in India: Rs.600 for 1 month, Rs.1700 for 3 months and Rs.3500 for 6 months.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

O My Bag

Natural Bath & Body is a company based in India. According to their website, ”¬†Natural Bath and Body¬†brings to you uniquely formulated personal care solutions that capture the raw benefits of nature‚Äôs essential oils and botanical extracts through a fluid synergy of Ayurvedic knowledge, creative artistry and contemporary technology.¬†Natural Bath & Body India have their own beauty bag with 4 trial packs every month. It comes in a zipper bag and all their products are paraben-free, sulphate-free and petroleum free. Its the most affordable option and definitely worth a try.

Price in India: Rs.299 for 1 month.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

Eve Box

Eve Box is a monthly subscription box with curated beauty and health products for Women. Every month 4 to 5 samples or full products from leading brands are selected to be delivered to you. Eve Box contains a selection of 4-5 trendy beauty product samples or full products chosen specifically for you that may include, hair care, nail care, fragrance, eye care, makeup, skincare, body products, jewellery, accessories and hygiene products. The products included in Eve Box are samples and full products. 

Price in India: Rs.800 for 1 month, Rs.2200 for 3 months, Rs.4200 for 6 months, Rs.8200 for 12 months.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link

Lady Raga

It is a newly launched beauty subscription in India. Every month they send an assortment of 3-5 sample and/or full-sized products ranging from beauty products, jewelry, lifestyle and fashion accessories.

Price in India: Rs.666 for 1 month, Rs.1849 for 3 months, Rs.3595 for 6 months and Rs.6666 for 1 year.

You can sign up to this subscription box by opening this link


So beauties the subscription service industry has just now started blooming in India and we have a long way to go before we reach the standards of international boxes. If you are the one who wants to try new brands and products then these subscription boxes are for you. Do share your experiences with monthly subscription boxes by commenting below.

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