Best Shampoos For Oily Hair !!!!!!

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An oily or greasy hair is very problematic. You need to always wash your hairs before going out so that your looks beautiful. Believe it or not, over-washing can actually cause your scalp and hair to be more oily, as can shampooing too infrequently. Mostly shampoos for oily hair seem to strip the hair shafts of their natural moisture leaving hair tangled when it’s wet and flyaway when it’s dry. But there are also plenty of natural and organic shampoos that are recommended for oily hair as well. The upside to those is that they often contain refreshing, scalp invigorating herbs and essences that leave your hair looking and smelling fantastic.

Everyone wants to flirt with sexy hair flips, but when your locks look dull and oily, I know how it feels, and so I’ve compiled for you the BEST shampoos to fight greasy hair! With these products, you can say goodbye to oily and lifeless hair and hello to gorgeous Locks!!!!

Nature Secrets Shampoo for Greasy Hair Nettle & Lemon: This shampoo by Oriflame’s Nature Secrets is designed to reduce greasiness of your hair. The lemon cleans your scalp and reduces oil that leads to greasy hair. Also it smells amazing!

Price: Rs 275.
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Bio Green Apple Purifying Shampoo: Green apple extract, sea algae and centella come together to give you a product from our favorite Biotique! This mild and natural shampoo is formulated to fight oily hair and greasy scalps to make your hair look healthier and livelier. It’s so gentle and affordable that you can use it every day!

Price: Rs 127
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BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo: If you are unable to wash your hair for a few days in a row, you will notice how it starts looking dull and greasy. Well, the best way to combat this type of greasiness is to wash your hair with a mild shampoo and get rid of the excess oil buildup on the scalp. If you don’t have the time to wash your hair before you leave for work, however, we have the perfect product for you – BBLUNT MINI Back To Life Dry Shampoo! Dry shampoos are honestly a boon from the gods on days that your hair just won’t stop looking greasy. This one here works to absorb grease and grime from your hair to revitalize it.

Price: Rs 440
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Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo: One of the major reasons for greasy hair is product buildup. If you use a lot of products in your hair, you will notice how it tends to get greasier and heavier faster. For combating this type of grease, the Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo: For Advanced Detox is your best bet. It cleanses your hair and makes it look lighter, softer and more voluminous. Use it only once or twice a month.

Price: Rs 600
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H2O Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo: Now get rid of oily and greasy hair in just one wash with the H2O Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo. It’ll get rid of oil and buildup on the scalp and make your hair shiny (not greasy!). It may be on the more expensive side, but it is so worth it!

Price: Rs 1350
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Matrix Biolage Normalizing Shampoo: Matrix Biolage normalizing shampoo is an effective shampoo for oily hair because it cleans without drying. So many shampoos claiming to combat the frustration of oily locks can strip and even damage sensitive hair and follicles. Matrix Biolage is gentle as well as effective, leaving you with beautiful, silky smooth hair. It helps normalize your scalp to improve overall hair health.

Price: Rs 4735
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So beauties, these were the few shampoos which helps in cleaning the scalp, which help you to keep your hair beautiful and shiny without the constant grubby feeling that excessively exuberant oil glands may cause. You can try any one of them which ever suits your hair type. Hope this will help you in fighting with greasy and oily hair problem. Do let me know how it worked for you by commenting below.

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