10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know!!!!!

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I have been a beauty addict for as long as I can remember and given the choice, I would love to spend hours in front of the mirror combing my hair and making my face. But over time, I have learnt that, you don’t really have to spend hours to look good. All you need is a couple of beauty hacks together to get ready in 5 minutes.

Turn a Pencil Eyeliner Into a Gel Liner: Take your black, green or burgundy kohl eye pencil under the flame for one second and then let it cool for 15 seconds. Glide your newly made gel liner for an instantly smudgier formula.


Cover your eyelid with white liner to make any eyeshadow shade pop: To make a sheer or less pigmented eyeshadow appear more colorful on your eyelid, take a white eyeliner pencil and cover your eyelid with it. The white base will make your eyeshadow shade pop up. 


Use a spoon to create the perfect winged liner: Holding the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye, draw the straight line as the first step for your cat-eye. Then, flip the spoon so it’s hugging your eyelid, and use the rounded outer edge to create a perfectly curved winged effect.


Draw a hashtag at the outer corner of your eye, for smokey look: To create a super-easy smokey eye, draw a hashtag symbol right before the outer corner of your eye and then blend it out with the smudger at the other end of your eye liner.


Use spoon to avoid mascara marks on your upper eye lid: Hold the spoon so it’s hugging your eyelid, and then apply your mascara. As you sweep the mascara wand against your lashes and back of the spoon, watch as the residue coats the back of the utensil rather than your skin.


Hit your eyelash curler with a hair dryer to heat it up, so your lashes curl easier: Blowing hot air on your eyelash curler will help your lashes curl easier and stay curled longer. To do it, hit the lash curler with your blow dryer until it heats up, wait until it cools slightly but is still warm (you want to be sure not to burn your eyelid), and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them.


Apply eyelash glue to false lashes with the tip of a clean bobby pin: Use the tip of a bobby pin to evenly disperse the glue along the base of your falsies. Then, wait a few seconds for the glue to get tacky and apply.



Set Your Lipstick with Translucent Powder: Setting your lipstick for a long lasting effect is every girl’s desire. Simply after applying lipstick, press a pile of tissue against your lips and dust over some translucent powder. This will mattify your lipstick and also set it to last all day long.


Oil as Makeup Remover: When you do not have a good makeup remover in hand, use olive oil or baby oil to get rid of all traces of makeup.I personally prefer using baby oil rather than a makeup remover all the time.


Hold The Bobby Pins: It is a very common problem that we all go through sometimes. Keeping booby pins in place in not an easy task. The often slide out and may ruin the hairstyle too. To control these naughty bobby pins, lay the bobby pins on a tissue paper and spray on some good holding hair spray. This will make them to stay for longer duration at place.

So these were the beauty hacks which i use to make everything easy. Hope you all like it and do let me know how it worked for you by commenting below. Till then, Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates and come follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram .

Stay Happy & Stay Beautiful 🙂



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  1. Hey.. it was really a nice beauty hacks, espically da one in which we cn change the pencil liner into a gel liner…. 👌👍👍

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