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The rains are almost here. And with the showers come the rising humidity. Here are tips to help you keep your skin and locks intact.

Avoid Hair Products: While it’s best to avoid styling this season, use a light hair serum that won’t weigh your hair down instead of a heavy mousse. Use anti-frizz products and humidity control sprays. Experiment with hairstyles that go with your natural texture and are more likely to stay. A textured braid, bun or top knot is ideal for bad hair days, as is a fishtail or a French braid. If you have to use a product, use a sea salt texturing spray will give you a beachy look.


Happy Feet: To get rid of bad feet, exfoliate them with a DIY coffee scrub made by mixing equal amounts of coffee, sea salt and corn meal. Add a few drops of almond oil and scrub the concoction on your feet. Contact with rain water can lead to infections. “Fungal infections of the nails and toes are common during the rainy season. Keep them as clean and dry as possible to prevent such problems. Take off your shoes and socks and wash your feet every time you come home. Avoid wearing wet shoes for long. A pedicure and manicure twice a month is essential.


Cleanse & Moisturize: The humid weather can make the skin dry or oily. Cleanse your skin at least twice a day to slough away sweat, impurities and dead skin build-up. If you have dry skin, use a cream-based cleanser to keep it moist. For oily skin, opt for a soap-less gel cleanser that will cleanse and purify the skin while balancing its pH. Don’t forget to follow up the cleansing ritual with a moisturizer for a fresh look.


Eye Secret: Don’t do too much drama around the eyes with shading. Instead of the classic smoky eye, flaunt the graphic eye look created using waterproof colored liners, kohl pencils or pen liners. The waterproof mascara is indeed the ultimate monsoon must-have, but in order to maintain the resilience of the eyelashes, coat them with the usual voluminous mascara and top them with a clear waterproof one.


Makeup Mantra: Create a smear-proof base for makeup using a primer. Ditch the heavy foundation and make the switch to a BB/CC cream or a tinted moisturizer, preferably with an SPF that will give you just enough coverage for the day. Compact or translucent powder should be used. A cream-based cheek tint will easily glide on the skin and get absorbed, giving your apples a natural, velvety flush.


Soak up the Sun: Even though the sky is cloudy and you aren’t directly exposed to the sun, 80 per cent of UV rays still pass through clouds and penetrate your skin. “Using a water resistant, oil-free broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 and above is the best way to protect your skin.Use it on all the exposed parts of your skin for at least 20 minutes before you step out.


Bright Colors: Keep colors high in contrast with your skin tone. Bright lip colors or eyeliners in vibrant colors can do the trick for you this season. Instead of a powder eyeshadow, use a long-wear cream shadow. Aqua colors, bright pinks and greens are popular. Avoid using a gloss as it will get sticky and smudge when you get wet.


Monsoon Pack: Apply a nourishing mask to the face or hair with fresh ingredients off the kitchen shelf. For radiant skin, make a mask with besan, honey and milk and blend together avocado, olive oil and a banana and use it as a hair pack to tame the frizz. Look up for scrubs and masks made with oatmeal, curd, rose water and orange peels, based on your skin type.


Quick Tips

  • Post hair wash, don’t leave the hair wet for too long as it may cause breakage.
  • Keep blotting films handy to prevent makeup meltdown.
  • In case of a foul smell or discoloration, immediately discard the makeup product, as these may cause infections and allergies when applied to the skin.

Hope these tips will help you in getting happy and beautiful skin in monsoons. Till then, Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates and come follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram .

Stay Happy & Stay Beautiful 🙂

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