Everything You Need To Know About Makeup Expiration Dates!!!!!!!!

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Do you have a product that you had for ages, but is still going strong? Well, we all have a couple products that we have for a long time and continue to use them. It’s easy to get attached to your beauty products. After all, if you’re shelling out for quality natural products, it seems like a crime to throw something out before you’ve used every last drop.

Most of the women are using makeup products everyday. But most of them are not aware that the cosmetics have expiry date on makeup products just like dairy products. If you drink spoiled milk, you’ll get stomachache and similarly, using expired makeup product will cause skin irritations.


Now, you’re thinking ‘MY MAKEUP EXPIRES’ when and how the heck didn’t I know that. Well, that is because beauty products do not have on have an expiry date like on food products, so it really difficult to know and plus we also do not think about makeup product expiring anyways. Why is this important? Well, cosmetic traps bacteria which mean that replacing regularly is key to avoid skin irritation, breakouts, eye infection and etc. Now, you’re thinking ‘How do I know when to toss the makeup’. Well, with more moisture the products the products have a shorter life span once it is open. Also, there will separation or changes in texture or smell, which is a dead giveaway to throw out that product. Also, look for this symbol on your product to find out the expiry date.


How to Check Expiry Dates? 

Unopened cosmetics last about 2 to 3 years. But, once you opened the product, it only lasts for short time. Cosmetic bottles/cases/containers are labeled with many codes and some of them indicates manufactured or expiry dates.
The problem here is that most of people aren’t so familiar with this codes. Therefore they easily misread them. This chapter will teach the proper way to read manufactured and expiry dates from containers.
The manufactured date are often labeled like this ‘20110101’, so anyone can understand it.
Sometimes, code like “LOT102910” easily misunderstood as manufactured date but it’s irrelevant to that therefore it should be ignored.

Manufactured date is also indicated as M, MFG, MED or PROD. The numbers come after any of these represent manufactured date. Since we know how to read manufactured date, it makes it possible to calculate expiry date as well. 


As soon as you open your product, the expiry date will get shortened. To indicate the expiry date from opened date, most of the products have icons look like this on the containers.
This icon can be read as “it is only good until 12 months after from the date that you opened this product.” If you ignore this guidance and use it longer, there is a great possibility that you’ll get skin irritations and breakouts.
It is not an easy job to keep track of the expiry date of your cosmetics. So it is better to Write down the opened date on the container.
So beauty queens its time to check the expiry date and clean the Makeup Box. Hope this information will help you in finding out the expiry dates of your makeup product.
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