The New Contouring is Hair Contouring!!!!!!

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You must have always heard about Contouring the Face with makeup to give your face a sculpted look. A good brush and contour powder can sculpt sky-high cheekbones and a defined jaw line, but what if you could just…wake up like that? Yes you can 🙂  The new buzzword in the beauty industry these days is ‘’hair contouring’’.

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Hair contouring is basically how you sculpt in the highlights and lowlights. By placing them strategically around the hairline, it can give the illusion that you’ve changed up your look. In other words, it can make a thin face look fuller, elongate a round face or soften harsh edges. While makeup can do the same, this technique isn’t going to wash out with the next shampoo, so #wokeuplikethis can be your truth.

What is Hair Contouring? Inspired by the make-up trend of the moment, hair contouring is a custom-made colour application technique that has revolutionized the use of hair colour and what it can achieve. This innovative technique uses the careful placement of colors around the face and, thanks to a play of light and shadow, can alter the appearance of your face shape by accentuating your best features and enhancing your natural skin tone without the application of make-up. The placement of color and the careful selection of complimentary tones perform an optical illusion and make your face appear more defined and features more accentuated.

Will Hair Contouring Suit You? Definitely! Hair contouring is a 100% bespoke coloring service that is literally designed to suit your unique facial structure, features and skin tone. The colors are selected based on your skin tone and positioned based on your structure and features.

Face Shape Contouring: Before you fix an appointment with your hair stylist for hair contouring, read on to know how to contour for your face shape for the best result.


Round/Square Face: To elongate a round or square face, your colorist will lighten the top of the hair and the ends using a free hand technique. Shadow and depth is created at the sides of the face use a darker shade. The lightness at the top of the head and shading around the sides will make the face shape appear slimmer and more contoured. You should concentrate on getting highlights done around the hairline, from ear-to-ear. Not only will this help elongate your round face but the highlights will also brighten up your face and make your eyes pop.


Diamond/Oblong/Rectangular Face: To widen the facial features of these face shape your colorist will keep the roots and the underneath of the hair dark to create shadow at the top of the head and around the jawline. A single highlight around the face is used to frame it and lighter pieces are weaved in front of the ears with an ombre effect to make an elongated face shape appear more oval. 


Heart/Triangular Face: In order to soften the shape of the chin without widening the forehead your colorist will apply a darker color to the top of the head and crown areas and will apply lighter pieces freehand through the mid lengths and ends to lighten under the jawline. The section around the hairline is also lightened to highlight the face. Ombre & Sombré techniques are well suited to this face shape.


Will It Look Natural? The complexity of this technical consultation and application requires a professional to ensure colours are perfectly blended into the hair and suit your skin tone. The subtle shades, the ability of the colourist to use careful positioning beneath the parting and tailor the application method to your needs means that this colouring technique can look extremely natural…No one will ever know!

Hair contouring is a great way to give your face an instantly sculpted and more defined look. Just make sure you go to a hair stylist who has considerable experience doing hair contouring. That’s all !!!!!!

So what you think girls? Want to give a try to the new hair trend? If yes then go to your nearest salon and get the new hair look,it will completely transform your look. I am too eagerly waiting to try this new trend on my hairs. Let me know how it worked for you by commenting below.

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