Oval Brushes: New Trend in the Makeup World!!!!

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I am sure you’ve seen these gorgeous, uniquely-shaped Oval Shaped Brushes all over your Instagram feed and on Your Facebook lately. These Makeup brushes are the new Trend in the town. The brushes are sometimes large and hair-brushed shaped, but with an angular bent, and sometimes smaller. Basically they are nothing like hair brushes or toothbrushes, but they are also vastly different from the makeup brushes you’re used to. The brushes are slightly flexible and bent to complement your facial curves. They might look heavy, but they are very light!


Application:  The collection includes ten brushes, ranging from a skinny, tapered eyeliner brush to a large oval brush made for setting powder and allover blending. These brushes can be used for covering everything from concealer and foundation to blush, bronzer and eye shadow. You can use these brushes with cream, powder, and liquid formulas.The rubbery grips are also comfortable to hold, and the flat, forward-facing brush heads give you more leverage and control. It’s perfect for contouring or applying blush or highlighter. It fits into the contours of your face perfectly. You can use it to apply the product directly to your face, and then blend. It goes on so easily! 


Cleaning: These brushes are very easy to clean that it takes only a couple of seconds. Just clean them with regular water and little shampoo and you are done. They resist excess water, alcohol, acids and detergent. They won’t degrade from brush cleaning formulas. If the fibers get compressed or bent, simply run them in hot water or steam for a few seconds and allow to dry. Good as new! 

So far these Brushes are really a life saver for the Makeup Addicts. They are very easy to use and applying makeup is no more a difficult task. They blend your makeup very smoothly that you don’t look like a white ball. You can buy these brushes online or from any Drugstore. In India i think they are only available online. You can buy them from Ebay, Flipkart or Amazon. So what are you waiting for Girls, go and grab these brushes and make them a part of your Makeup box. Do let me know what you think about these brushes and what are your reviews by commenting below.

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