How to Organize your MakeUp Beautifully!!!!!!

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Makeup is an important part of woman’s life. And  just they know what  makeup means to them and what means makeup organization. Often, there is a mess in woman makeup table. I have always struggled in organizing my makeup. Many of us have a habit of keeping our products here and there, and when we need them we are always in struggle to find them. There are many creative ways to organize your makeup. You can use some usual stuff and make very practical makeup storage. So  you’ll never lose your favorite red lipstick in the sea of colorful nail polish again. Here are few makeup organization ideas and solutions for organizing your makeup.

Store Nail Polish In a Cookie Jar : We all have empty cookie jar in our home. Decorate your cookie jar with a ribbon or printed tape and use it as a Nail Polish storage Jar. As it is transparent you can easily see what all shades are inside and it looks quite classy and it brightens up your Makeup table.


Put Lip Colors in Candle Jars: Done with your favorite scent candle? Keep the delicate Jar to organize your lipstick and glosses. You can arrange them in any way you want : by color, brand, sticks etc. It will not only keep your lip makeup organized but you can also easily find which shade is kept where. What you all need to do is take 5 or 7 candle jars and attach them with each other with the help of glue. Its your choice you want to keep them horizontally or vertically.


Use an Ice Cube Tray: If you are the one who prefers to purchase eye shadows by individual shades rather than a palette, then it is really a mess to find the shade you want from the pile of eye shadows. In order to organize your eye shadows take an Ice cube tray and place it inside your drawer and line them up by shade.

Use Coffee Beans to keep Brushes Upright: If you are the one who loves the smell of coffee in the morning you will love this idea. Take an empty glass vase and fill it with coffee beans, you can also take stones or beads if you dont want coffee beans. It will hold your Brushes in place so that you dont have to hunt for them in your drawer.



Use Baskets: If you are the one who always struggles with finding the makeup in your drawer then this is for you. Take 4 to 5 baskets, according to the size of your drawer. Place the basket inside the drawer and arrange your makeup products accordingly. You can divide them by keeping your eye makeup, lip makeup, face makeup , brushes etc in different baskets.



Tiered Makeup Stand: You can use any type of plates/dishes/trays and attach them by using a variety of items for the middle part e.g. tin can, glass, candlestick. You can choose your number of tiers, you can make it spin, and you can even paint it in funky colors! You can use this stand for keeping your everyday makeup products which you use very often or you can also use this stand for organizing your Jewelry.


So these were the most easy makeup organizing hacks which we can use to make our life more easy. 🙂 As we cant live without makeup so organizing them is also equally important. So guys use these tips & tricks and make your Makeup desk more trendy and beautiful. Hope you all liked these ideas and do let me know by commenting below how it worked for you.

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