How to make your “BLACK” attire look a hit !!

Like fashionistas say that the Little Black Dress, aka (also known as) LBD, is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, also there are a few more items in black that are a lot useful.These items can elevate your wardrobe and look in more ways than one, when clubbed with the right outfit.

Here is a list: A classic pair of Black stilettos is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe, for the simple reason that it can be paired with almost anything, whether it is a pair of denims, a skirt, a dress or salwar or even a sari. Moreover, Shrugs always come in handy, especially when you are dressed in a revealing outfit. Thus, make a stylish chic Black shrug, a part of your wardrobe, if in case you haven’t already. Since, Black is a neutral and universal color, a shrug of that shade can be paired with anything.

As far as make-up is concerned, while there is a wide variety of colorful & glittery eyeliners available, always keep a Black one handy, since it can be worn at just any time of the day, for any event, occasion or outfit. Some dresses need slips and it is advisable to wear one in the same color as the outfit you are wearing, but if that isn’t feasible, then go for the safe bet, Black.

Furthermore, Black nail paint is chic & stylish and can be paired with pretty much anything. Also, a nice black handbag is a great accessory to possess, since it will go well with any ensemble.

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